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Barrel Characteristics / Tasting Notes

Superb results are obtained by more traditional methods of winemaking production culminating in full flavoured distinctive wines including:

  • Barrel fermentation
  • Extended Lees Contact
  • Stirring
  • Small residual fermentation in barrel for red wines
  • Extended ageing – around 9 months oak flavours develop, integrate & become less obvious

Forest profiles of oak selections available for barrels

Cuvee Chardonnay

Specially developed for high quality, powerful, traditionally made Chardonnay for complex results.


All round oak selection which we have found to be suitable for all varieties in conjunction with other oak types.


Fine spicy flavours with some power in the oak.
Useful for an extra aromatic and flavour component in Chardonnay and to a lesser extent Pinot Noir and Shiraz.


Slightly more powerful but still refined.
Usually for bigger red varieties.


This has proven to be really excellent in powerful Shiraz, the oak and tannins are fine but assertive.

Centre of France

This is a blend of fine oaks and is usually a bit more powerful, but with this in mind, it can be used confidently across all varieties.

Sirugue Selection

A more complex meld of the above characteristics which can be universally used.


Powerful, aromatic and able to add good tannins, use for Pinot Noir and Shiraz

Profile recommendations

General Comments

Centre of France and Sirugue Selection good universal choices especially if you have very small lots or wish to gain a more uniform result.

For winemakers wishing to gain a slightly more subtle and elegant oak profile, we suggest trialling some 3-Year and/or Extra Tight Grain.

Relationship of timber profiles to winemaking varietals


Use a majority of Allier with a lesser amount of Vosges for extra spice


Basically use Allier but not too much new oak

Pinot Noir

Allier and Troncais is the best combination


Chatillon for powerful Shiraz with lesser amounts of Allier and Troncals.  For medium bodied Shiraz use Allier and Nevers.  A small amount of Vosges can add a very interesting spice character in Shiraz.

Cabernet Sauvignon/Merlot

Nevers is the best choice here with possibly some Allier