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This area of our website is to assist with barrel selection, care and quality control.  To assist, we offer downloadable files for printing and reference. We encourage our clients to use this section as a resource for longevity and care of Sirugue Australia barrels.

Sirugue Australia Barrels



Air drying months

228 litre Burgundy Barrel 24 months
228 litre Burgundy Barrel 36 months
300 litre Hogshead Barrel 24 months
300 litre Hogshead Barrel 36 months

“In trials in Burgundy, natural drying is always preferred to artificial drying.  Drying times have also been compared: batches of wood dried for 36 months are always preferred to batches of 18 months drying.  The intensity and the quality of woodiness are more harmonious and less astringent.”
The Barrel from A–Z - Tonnellerie Sirugue France

Available in the following toast: [ Please download toast visuals ]


Toasted Heads/Painted hoops
Burgundy Style with chestnut hoops
225 litre Bordeaux shape – limited options